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About us

Gegli (formerly called Gohardasht) was founded by Dr. Mohammad Hajarian on 10 September 2003 as one of the first social networks at the beginning of the web 2.0 era. Gegli stands for Gohardasht Elites Global Living Interactions, and it is a social network to connect people for friendship, dating, and marriage. Gegli has over half a million members from different countries, and it is a great place to meet new people.


Our mission is to develop a state of the art web application that helps people to meet new friends that can lead to fantastic relationships such as lifetime friendships, marriage, dating, collaboration, and much more. In detail, we like to focus on developing state of the art web applications that can help Incels (involuntary celibates) to end their loneliness and join the society. Educating people about relationships via Gegli groups and Gegli blogs is our other mission.

About founder and CEO of Gegli

All the programming and development of the Gegli social network was made exclusively by Dr. Mohammad Hajarian since 2003. He began programming at the age of 15, and one year later, he published ONE multimedia CD. He starts developing the Gohardasht Social network when he was 18. When he was 22, Gohardasht Social network already became a successful social network and popular among people. Mohammad Hajarian is currently an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Basir university. He is also CEO of the Gegli social network. He is recognized as a Superior Graduate and awarded as the Superior Youth in 2018. He has published over 50 books and articles on computer science and collaborate in over 10 software projects. His research fields are Online Social Networks, Gamification, Human-computer Interaction, Online advertisement, Recommendation Systems, and Data Science. You can find more information about Dr. Mohammad Hajarian from these URLs:

Mohammad Hajarian official website


Mohammad Hajarian Weblog

Mohammad Hajarian Profile